Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing

Internet marketing or Online marketing is a form of marketing which uses the internet for advertising products and services. The advantage of internet marketing is, most importantly, the lowest price range, then, the possibility of precisely targeting a desired consumer group for which the product is made. The advertiser can daily track visitors’ statistics of his web page as well as the product-and-services-buyer statistics.

One can set internet marketing in motion in only a few hours, and the results are visible almost immediately. Also, if one notices that a certain investment does not bring the desired amount of what is expected, it is possible to stop the campaign. The most important process in this is the advanced visibility of your web page on web search engines.

When one combines SEO strategies with web development, there are a few components which need to be resolved so that the goal of success could be reached. We are here to do that for you.

SEO - Search engine optimisation

Seo SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – search engine optimization is a process that influences the visibility of your page on web search browsers. SEO can target different search types including image search, video and simple search.

Search engines have become a crucial part of Online marketing and a lot of people start their search for information, product or service in this way. The potential influence on one’s business goals should not be underestimated and most of activity on your web pages is executed through web search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Extreme IT company can give you top web page optimization for the most known search engines and thusly contribute to the more common and highly ranked placement of your web page in search engines.

Web consulting – web project consulting

Web consulting Our personal goal is to consult you how to design, develop, and modernize your project in the best possible way, so that you would gain more functional characteristics for bigger success on online marketing.

Web consulting can provide a wide scope of services for business subjects, from web page design, domain’s name, web hosting, applications, to consultations with the company so that a certain web project would be accomplished in the best way in order to gain greatest profits.

Through web consulting, we give you advice about every aspect of online strategy, from idea to development, marketing and maintenance. In that way we ease the process from idea to initializing the project, analyzing all parts of ideas.

Web marketing will provide you a service of marketing experts who are well informed about attracting visitors and customers on your web page, and most importantly, they know how to make them come back again.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords Google AdWords is a simple and quick way of highly ranked advertising form on Google based on Price-per-Click.

AdWords adverts are shown above or next to search engine results on Google.

AdWords is one of the most efficient ways of advertisement because you can pick your own key words for which the search engine will show you as highly ranked and how much you desire to pay for it. Google advertising works in a way in which, for instance, someone types “air conditioners”, and you are in the air conditioning system, your ad will be the most distinguished among those who are in the same business.

The ad is paid when someone clicks on your ad, in order to visit your page.

Our team makes and chooses key words for you, because it depends on the quality of the ad and the key words whether users will click on the ad, that is, whether they will decide for your product or service.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing More than billion people use Facebook for connecting. Based on their place of residence, age, sex and interests, Extreme IT can present you to people who are interested in your products and services.

Facebook gives you the possibility of conversation with one or more clients at the same time. Facebook clients can “like” your page, read and ask questions and send messages, and share them with their friends. The more “likes” you have, the more credible you are in certain circles. Facebook is a means of economic profit and one of the tools for increasing publicity of your company.

Extreme IT Company offers the purchase of Facebook likes in the shortest period of time.

Facebook page is a simple way for sharing and administrating business news, but even more than that, with people who are important to you. Through Facebook, not only can you reach a greater number of people, but also certain people who are most likely to become your clients.

Facebook page development

Extreme IT will make a Facebook page with you and its team and help you connect with your clients. Extreme IT expert team will explore for you the following:

  • What do your ideal clients have in common

  • What is their age and where they live

  • How your product or service can help them

  • Whether a certain group of people would be interested in your product or service offer.

Extreme IT will find your audience and encourage buyers to visit your page and become potential buyers of your products and services.

Our recipe for success is to create a Facebook page for you and, add adverts and posts which are interesting for your clients, and consciously post messages so that “the target” group of people might see them, that is, the target group of your potential clients.

Facebook is a place where more than billion people meet, and lately, Facebook has become the main form of advertising companies and attracting customers. Extreme IT will create the best Facebook page about your products or company in the shortest period of time.

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