Coronavirus - The right time to create a web store

Coronavirus - The right time to create a web store

The coronavirus has already taken a toll on tourism, fashion, sports and music - and that’s just the beginning of the crisis that follows. Shares are falling steadily and currently private business owners can’t feel safe.

What will the economy and business look like during and after the coronavirus?

Predicting economic development during coronavirus is not easy. We still don’t know if we’re dealing with the worst-case scenario and when the epidemic could pass.

As we see and feel in business most people are in isolation that will last for weeks if not months, and it is difficult to get and execute orders in moments like this.

Creating a web store - Salvation for your business

Web commerce is currently one of the most important areas of the economy. Online shopping, deliveries and interactions from homes increased by over 100% during the pandemic.

The digital economy can help us curb the spread of the contagion, while at the same time making a difference among our competition that may not yet have made it and switched to digital business.

Although there is currently a coronavirus pandemic, people still need the products and currently the easiest way for them is to order them online and not expose themselves to a possible infection.

Most large companies have closed their branches and relocated their business online.

What are the advantages of a web shop?

Nowadays, with the growing popularity of the Internet and while the time of isolation lasts, when most people are at home and doing things via computer, it is the right time to start a web shop or web store.

It is now easier to buy and sell online than ever before. People no longer use computers just to send emails.

People now use their computers, tablets, cell phones to do most things including shopping online.

Some of the advantages of a web store:

1) Easy and fast availability

- At the moment, most people are in isolation, but those same people still need products that they will most likely look for on the Internet.

2) Branch operating from 0-24

- Customers are happy when they can buy what they want from the comfort of their home and when they want.

3) Higher conversion rate

- Potential buyers will decide earlier to buy when they can immediately place their order and order the product instead of waiting for the opening of a regular branch office that they may not even be able to visit at the moment.

4) Marketing through social networks and search engines

With good digital marketing, your website or web store will appear on high results in search engines like Google, while on the other hand a presence on Facebook and other social networks will provide you with a platform to build customer trust and spread the popularity of your business and web. shops.

If your products are displayed on a web store, you are more likely to sell, as you will show customers why your product is right for them.

If you embark on the process of creating a web store at this time, you will be given a competitive advantage over those who have not yet embraced the world of digitalization.

Creating a web shop and creating a web store is a complex process that needs to be worked on by professional experts in order for your web store to be fast, clear, well organized and most importantly easy to use.

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