Security penetration testing

Sigurnost informacijskih sustava

Security penetration testing

Web applications, web pages, offices, companies, and personal computers are top targets for vicious hackers who want to steal data or aggravate approach for legitimate users.

Extreme IT offers consultation services in terms of informational systems safety, protection and prevention of possible attacks by ensuring your web pages, your office, your company, etc.

Our team of experts can in a very short amount of time analyze your system, identify the vulnerability and decrease potential risks.

Every company should check its system and get its employees acquainted with risks and employ necessary protection.

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What does the informational-system-safety service cover?

  • Analysis and protection of systems from internal hacks

  • Analysis and protection of systems from external hacks

  • Analysis and protection of web applications

  • Analysis and protection of wireless networks

  • Social engineering and education of employees

  • Final and detailed report about oversights in your system

What makes us different from other companies?

  • We have found security oversights in big companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Ebay, Oracle

  • 15 years of experience in fields of informational system safety

  • Offensive security OSCP Certificate

  • Team of experts for informational system safety with international accolades and certificates

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