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Web development - Web design

Development of web pages is a necessary step in leading your business towards success. Quality development of web pages compatible with mobile devices. In order for you to present and distinguish yourself after the development of a web page, our team of expert engineers, programmers and designers evenly combines information technologies, programming skills and web design in the process of developing web pages.

Besides modern design of web pages, our team offers the highest degree of quality and safety.

Extreme IT Company offers more than just development of web pages, the client matters to us, as well as the opinions of clients and how to represent yourself in the future via your pages, because it is to us that you are giving the trust for our team to develop your page, which will be your form of presentation in the online world.

In order to distinguish ourselves from the competition, Extreme IT offers a complete service for your online business.

Pages that we develop and place on our servers are loaded much faster which is an important factor for ranking of your web page on internet searches, they are optimized for all web browsers, as well as devices (Desktop computers, Laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets…). Research shows that usage or simplicity of use is a number one factor for visitors. We plan and design pages ready for every user, so that your visitor can easily navigate through your page.

CMS system is built into every page that we make so that the clients can maintain the page on their own, change the old content and add new content, news, pictures, videos, and other content without expensive maintenance, and most importantly, pages developed by Extreme IT Company are safe and protected from vicious hacks.

Development of web pages is a way to widen the scope of your business.

Why choose Extreme IT d.o.o. ?

  • Development of web pages matching your exact taste and needs

  • The possibility of individually maintaining your pages using Extreme CMS system

  • Free and quick registration of the domain (.hr, .com, .net, .eu...)

  • Free, safe and fast hosting for placing your new pages on the web

  • SEO – Optimization of your pages which gives your pages a better placement than the competition in search engines

What makes us different from other companies ?

  • Our pages are developed using latest technologies and following the latest trends

  • The fastest hosting led by our team of experts on our servers

  • User support - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Meeting deadlines – We guarantee meeting agreed deadlines

  • Fast, quality and 100% successful finalization of a project

Extreme CMS system

We are one of the few companies which do not use pre-made solutions, unless demanded, for CMS pages. We have developed Extreme CMS system that will meet the needs of even the most demanding clients and successfully finalize a project.

The advantage of Extreme CMS web pages:

  • No high expenses for page maintenance

  • Simple and fast individual maintenance, adding and changing of content

  • Possibility of adding and changing of content on your pages anytime and anyplace

  • Subsequent adding of new functionality on your pages

Pages compatible with mobile phones

Smart phones and tablets are present today in a high percentage, make your pages compatible with mobile phones and tablets and follow the trends of the new age. Do not allow that your friends or buyers simply quit your pages because their visibility is not good on their mobile devices.

The advantage of the Responsive design:

  • Your page will be compatible with all computers, mobile phones and tablets

  • It enhances the rank of your page on search engines

  • It enables unobstructed visibility of the page on mobile devices and tablets

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