Web hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting – placement of web pages on web servers

Placement of web pages on the server enables that the entire web content is available to all those who browse through it.

Web hosting encompasses:

  • Lease of a certain size of disc space

  • Placement of your web page with all the details that it entails

  • Free and quick registration of the domain (.hr, .com, .net, .eu...) and a check of its availability

  • Assignment of e-mail addresses (electronic mail)

The most important segment of web hosting is its speed, that is, how quickly your page loads, and that is why web hosting must be quick and of quality. For reaching those goals, we constantly upgrade our systems with the latest technologies without extra expenses for our clients.

xHosting has its servers of which we take care on our own. In that way, if we reach a problem, we can REMOVE it right away. Our servers are located in Germany which has great connectivity to Croatia and your pages will be loaded in one second.

Box – In order to achieve speed and safety of web pages, xHosting does not place thousands of pages on one server. With our cloud infrastructure, we guarantee the responsiveness of your pages even in the case of malfunction because in that case, another server hosts your web page.

While choosing the size of the hosting package, what matters is the size of the content which you want to upload on the server. According to your wishes, you can choose START, BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL, ENTERPRISE, and PREMIER.

Overview of all packages and services of web hosting - xHosting.HR

Business - 25Kn per month

  • Disk space: 5GB

  • Monthly bandwidth: 100GB

  • Automatic activation: arrow

  • Free domain: arrow


Professional - 39Kn per month

  • Disk space: 15GB

  • Monthly bandwidth: 1TB

  • Automatic activation: arrow

  • Free domain: arrow


Enterprise - 60Kn per month

  • Disk space: 25gb

  • Monthly bandwidth: 2TB

  • Automatic activation: arrow

  • Free domain: arrow


Premier - 89Kn per month

  • Disk space: 35gb

  • Monthly bandwidth: 3TB

  • Automatic activation: arrow

  • Free domain: arrow

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