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Custom E-Commerce and Online Store Development

Development of web shops or online stores is an inevitable service in sales. In order to save time, and money, by making a web shop, you enable your buyers to purchase services and products directly from you, in real time via web, from 0-24.

Online store, also known as online shop is the simplest and most efficient way of a fast connection with buyers which results in the increase in sales.

In order to get closer to buyers and increase the sales, experts from the Extreme IT Company will, in cooperation with you, define what you exactly need and what is the best way of making those needs happen in order to accomplish your goals. After defined sets and goals, our team of experts will present to you a project in which you will be closely acquainted and familiar with your web page and it is up to us to present your final web page in the shortest possible period of time.

In order for your customers to feel safe on your web page, Extreme IT has developed its own system of web stores which is protected according to highest standards and verified by certified experts for safety of informational systems.

Extreme IT is the first company in Croatia to develop their own system of integrated automatic payment fiscalization. By means of integrated automatic payment fiscalization, the process of issuing and fiscalization of the payment is shortened, which automatically makes it flawless for you, and the buyer promptly issues payment and purchase of your products, and automatically receives a valid receipt via e-mail.

Save time and money with integrated automatic web shop fiscalization.


Why choose Extreme IT d.o.o. ?

  • Development of web stores matching your exact taste and likes

  • Development of web shops with or without automatic FISCALIZATION

  • Extreme Web shop system for managing products

  • Safety of the web shop from attacks of malicious users

  • Free and fast registration of the domain (.hr, .com, .net, .eu...) and a check of its availability

  • Fastest web hosting led by our team of experts on our servers

  • Optimization of your pages so that they would be better positioned than the competition

What makes us different from other companies?

  • Our web shops are made professionally and with integrated automatic FISCALIZATION, something that 99% of other companies DO NOT HAVE

  • Our projects are made through latest technologies

  • Customer support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Meeting deadlines – We guarantee meeting established deadlines

  • Fast and creative finalization of the project

Extreme Web shop system

Unlike most companies, Extreme IT does not use ready-made web shop solutions. Our experts have developed their own system of Web Commerce exactly adjusted to clients’ needs, and we are ready to meet any challenge, create and successfully finalize even the most demanding projects.

The advantage of Extreme Web Shop system of E-Commerce:

  • Individual maintenance and ability of adding and changing products

  • Possibility of collecting payments with credit cards, bank payments, all-purpose deposit slips, cash on delivery

  • Possibility of automatic payment fiscalization and transmission of valid receipts to buyers via e-mail

  • Possibility of programming adjusted and special functionality of web shops

Automatic Web shop payment fiscalization

Did you know that every payment by means of credit cards on your web shops must be fiscalized according to the law of the Republic of Croatia? We are the first company in Croatia do develop automatic web shop payment fiscalization. Save your time and money and allow our web shop to do the process of payment fiscalization for you.

The advantage of Extreme Fiscalization for web shop:

  • Automatic payment fiscalization from 0-24

  • Automatic transmission of valid and fiscalized bills via e-mail to your buyers

  • Automatic communication with tax administration

  • You do not longer have to keep in mind which bills are fiscalized and which are not

Web shop created for sales !

Every web shop created by Extreme IT Company is designed and SEO optimized for web browsers.

Advantage of Extreme web shop:

  • Optimized titles and descriptions of your products

  • Valid URL structure which enables greater rank of the web shop on web search engines

  • Optimized navigation

  • Quick loading of your web store

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