Heartbleed SSL oversight

Heartbleed SSL oversight

Heartbleed SSL bug has hit about 65% of web pages – including Facebook, Google, Amazon and most of other web pages that use SSL protocol for private data transfer protection.

Heartbleed was a security breach widely covered by the media, so that millions of people were asked to change their passwords on infected pages. Heartbleed bug is one of the few security breaches called “Catastrophe”.

What is in fact OpenSSL?

OpenSSL enables us data coding and their safe transfer, including private information such as passwords, e-mails, internet shopping, and other information that might be abused.

Why is Heartbleed so dangerous?

One needs only slight information technologies knowledge in order to use Heartbleed oversight for unauthorized purchase of private data.

Were our users exposed to Heartbleed?

We are a company that tracks information related to informational system safety on a daily basis, we have secured our server twenty minutes after the vulnerability was published. We do not have any indication that there was an attack against the users placed on our servers.
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