New web design trends in 2014

New web design trends in 2014

Responsive design

When we want to adjust our web page or web shop to the browser in which we search for a certain page, that is, when we want the page to look exactly the same to us as it does on other browsers (smart phones, tablets, etc.) – this is where we come to responsive design. As the word itself signifies adaptability, responsiveness, reciprocity, which means that responsive design is an adjustable layout of the web page for all types of resolutions and devices.


New technologies enable us to use different fonts, that is, typography, in order to create a much better effect. Better legibility and better visual appearance of your page can be accomplished by using Google fonts, Typekta combined with pictures or background photos.


A great number of web pages and other projects are based on animations. This form of design is a result of programmers’ whishes to highlight the quality of their pages in an entirely new way. Every year, animations become more and more dominant and advanced, and all of this is based on curiosity and creativity of a web design. Web design usually starts with creating basic effects, and then a more advanced and innovative animation. Although animations sometimes go without being noticed, they do contribute to highlighting what is important.

One page design

Many users ask themselves “why do I have so many visits but not any viable orders?”. It is very important to notice in time whether the page is easy to navigate, that is, whether relevant information is well organized so that the user could very quickly find the product or service for which he visited your page. If the page is well organized, and the information searched by users is on the right place, the page must reach success. That is why one page form is simple to use and the information is not hidden behind many drop menus, and in this way it will be easier for you to convey to users why they should decide for your product or service.

Flat design

Flat design trend was triggered when popular internet companies (Microsoft, Twitter, Apple) deleted 3D effects and “heavy” textures and started using flat design. Flat design is a method in which no additional effects are used for creating depth and dimension, such as color, a certain typography, and marked spots on which, according to hierarchy, one should click first.
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